Protect and Expand the Oregon Senate Democratic Majority

As Oregon navigates multiple crises, it is more vital than ever that we elect leaders and Democratic majorities in the Oregon State Legislature who will fight for working Oregonians.

Democratic candidates running for the Oregon Senate in 2020 are leading their communities and standing up for working families in this crisis as teachers, local elected leaders, tribal leaders and farmers.



Student success matters. The Oregon Senate Democrats have led the way to pass historic funding for Oregon public schools across the state. Join us to continue investing in our schools and defending the Student Success Act.


Every Oregonian deserves access to safe, affordable, accessible healthcare. The Oregon Senate Democrats are fighting to preserve access to affordable care for everyone.


Passage of bold, pro-environment legislation in 2020 paved the way for a new era of environmental protections in Oregon. The Oregon Senate Democrats are fighting to protect clean air and water for every Oregonian.

Join #TeamORSenateDemocrats