Senator Lew Frederick

Friends of Lew Frederick

I look forward to representing the larger community, Senate District 22, in the coming term. I ask for your vote, in May and November.

We all know that life isn't fair, but that’s no excuse for human beings to be unfair to each other. I believe that fairness is government’s #1 job. While it’s frustrating that legislating takes so long, it’s also why every good idea needs a start, now.

We’ve finally outlawed profiling, but there is more to do to make our justice and public safety systems more just, and safe.

We’ve made progress on small contaminated properties in our neighborhoods, but recent revelations about toxic substances in our air highlight how environmental justice remains a significant frontier.

I will continue to work for educational opportunities for every child, close to home, and to put the brakes on over-reliance on standardized tests and the standardized lessons that go with them. We have to protect privacy and security of student records; every young person should “own” his or her own story.

Justice, Fairness, Opportunity, Prosperity. We all do better when we ALL do better. These make up the driving force behind my work in the community and the Legislature.

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2208 NE 8th
Portland, OR 97212

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(503) 975-7009