Candidate Ross Swartzendruber

Dallas, Mcminnville, Yamhill, Salem, Corvallis, Dayton
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Ross Swartzendruber lives and breathes the Oregon Spirit on the family sheep farm in rural Polk County. A descendant from Iowan immigrants to an Amish colony near Whiteson in Yamhill County, Ross is a fifth-generation Oregonian that cares deeply about reversing the destruction of the middle class in the rural Willamette Valley. He sees solutions around re-thinking our approach to test-centered education, re-evaluating land-use laws and supporting local markets.

With three children in public schools, Ross witnessed the radical changes created by Common Core State Standards and annual testing firsthand. From grade inflation to keyboarding, the new direction of education slams the door on our children's future and leaves us even further behind in global competition.

As an outspoken critic of unconstitutional data mining and surveillance, Ross opted his children out of annual testing and online learning management systems. Unsatisfied by elected officials' response to subjecting students to unproven, faulty test products, Ross is running to give a stronger voice to parents and taxpayers in Senate District 12.

Through event programming with Salem Creative Network, Ross has gained valuable experience in connecting agencies with shared alignment and creating successful solutions to large-scale challenges in the community. Offering options that benefit everyone attracts support and leads to long-term results.

Self-reliance and innovation are essential to grow Oregon's economy. Senate District 12 has historically led the way, through ag and timber exports, biomass production and renewable energy. Ross has the experience to bring stakeholders together and meet the challenges of the 21st century.

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