Candidate Rich Harisay

Silverton, Stayton, Salem, Aurora, Lebanon, Molalla, Sublimity
Committee to Elect Rich Harisay

For the past 7 years I have advocated and worked for an amendment to the United States Constitution which would clarify that corporations do not possess the constitutional rights of natural persons and that money does not equal speech (those with much wealth get to speak the loudest and longest.) I will continue to work toward that goal because corporate political power and unlimited campaign funding are the source of most of America's (and Oregon's) economic, societal, and environmental problems.

-I will represent all of the people of my district, not just the ones with money.

-As a legislator my constituents will come first and always be my top priority.

-This state government was formed by "We the People" as was our federal government; consequently my votes will be determined by the question "WILL THIS BENEFIT THE PEOPLE?"

-I will work to build on educational and vocational trainings as a way of improving our economic prosperity and providing increased opportunity for our community.

-To promote job growth, I will advocate for legislation that fosters the creation and success of small businesses

-I will work to ensure that all Oregonians have access to free and fair elections.

-Affordable Health Care for all Oregonians is a necessary element of prosperity and I will work to make sure we have access to quality affordable health care

-Global warming is becoming an ever increasing threat, we must act now and work towards sustainable solutions for protecting our environment and planet

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5106 Victor Point Rd. SE
Sublimity, OR 97385

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(503) 507-6145