Candidate Timm Rolek

Roseburg, Brookings, Gold Beach
Rolek for Senate

I am running for State Senate because it is time to bring a voice of cooperation to Salem. My thirty-five year career in the performing arts is marked by collaboration - working with disparate interests to deliver on-time and on-budget productions that appeal to a broad public.

The politics of obstruction have left the citizens of Southern Oregon doubting that anyone in Salem is listening to them. I will bring a fresh voice on behalf of the working families and small businesses in our district. I will work for a sustainable balance between those who work and those who play on our lands and waters. Finally, I will fight to secure funding for basic County services like Law Enforcement, Emergency and Social Services.

Collaboration works when different sides find a common goal. I became a Legacy member of the Nature Conservancy when they surprised everyone by joining with Ducks Unlimited. Hunters and environmentalists started working together for a shared goal: preserving duck habitats. In the same way, I believe that both gun owners and those who don’t own them have the same goal; safe gun ownership. We need to focus on what we have in common and not what divides us. This is the type of leadership I will bring to Salem.

Conductors and legislators have the same job. Listen first, then fix what isn’t working and encourage what is working. As your Senator, I will fight to make sure everyone’s voice in our district is heard.

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1410 Glenwood Drive 
Brookings, OR 97415 - 8166
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(541) 203-3649