Oregon Senate Democrats release 2010 accomplishments

March 8, 2010

Senate Democrats released summaries of their accomplishments for the 2010 February Session online today. The issue areas emphasize the caucus’ commitment to helping middle class families, supporting small businesses, and working to create jobs for out-of-work Oregonians.

“The February session illustrated that we can accomplish important and pressing work during a short supplemental session,” said Senate Majority Leader Richard Devlin (D-Tualatin). “Without last month’s session, thousands of Oregonians would be running out of unemployment benefits, thousands of Oregon parents would be forced to choose between their job and day care for their kids, and thousands of students would be losing the help they need to stay in college.”

Devlin also pointed to major accomplishments in consumer protection, taking care of Oregon children, and reforming state programs as indicative of the session’s success.

“I’m proud of what we accomplished in 20 working days. During a time when many states have been immobilized by budget problems and partisan gridlock, Oregon Democrats have continued to deliver meaningful help for Oregonians who are struggling to get by,” said Devlin.

The customary “end-of-session binder” created by the Senate Majority Office at the completion of each session can be found at this link or this address: http://www.leg.state.or.us/senatedemocrats/docs/2010_end_of_session_report.pdf.

SALEM, Oregon
Highlights include work to create jobs and help middle class families